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OCD stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and is more common than many suffers realise. It shows itself in several ways, it may involve a strong compulsion to repeat certain behaviours such as checking equipment has been switched off, washing repeatedly, tidying and arranging things in certain ways. It may involve a compulsion to repeat certain rituals, such as counting or arranging things in a special way. It may manifest itself through intrusive and unwanted thoughts, often about things that make the sufferer feel very ashamed or afraid. It may show itself through a fear of contaminating others or being contaminated by germs.
Most of us have certain idiosyncrasies and may like things done in a certain way but when this interferes with your sense of well being, and stops you from doing things, leads you to avoiding certain things then it may be time to seek help.
OCD is driven by anxiety and shame and it attacks the suffers ability to trust their own senses. It can be likened to a bully and telling the sufferer that bad things are likely to happen, it would be terrible if they did and it is the sufferers responsibility to stop them from happening. The trouble is responding to the compulsion makes it more likely to continue. If you feel you need to check if the door is locked every time you leave the house, and go back several times to check, the very act of checking makes your brain think the checking was needed. Like a bully, if you give in to OCD, it will tend to come back for more.
Just like dealing with a bully, the best way to deal with OCD is to stand up to it. This is not easy and if you suffer from OCD you may need support to overcome it but like all bullies if approached with confidence and determination, it will soon go.

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